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导读: 空调、西瓜、冰淇淋——我们似乎有各种各样的“避暑神器”,但是比起炎炎夏日的水上运动,这些都弱爆了!考验勇气的旋转滑道、紧张刺激的水上过山车,水上乐园让我们在高温烈日里也能幸福感爆棚。

Air conditioning, watermelons, ice cream—we have all kinds of gadgets and food to get us through the summer. But what could be better than some waterborne fun during the hot months? With daring slides and exciting rides, water parks keep us happy even in the sizzling heat.


The following are a few special and well-known water parks around the world. Take a good look, and know what the real water parks look like.



Noah’s Ark


Location: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, US


Highlight: Thrilling rides


Noah’s Ark offers many water slides. The most notable ride is the Black Anaconda. At more than 400 meters in length, it is the US’ most thrilling water coaster and sends riders spiraling down at speeds of up to 48 kilometers per hour. Then rushing water pushes riders up the creature’s six humps and wraps them up in its dark coils.


The Time Warp, the “world’s largest bowl ride”, features a 21-meter descent, while the Scorpion’s Tail drops riders down a trap door into an almost inverted loop. Plus, with 18 indoor water parks, Wisconsin Dells gives water lovers a chance to try out more fun.



Tropical Islands Resort


Location: Brandenburg, Germany


Highlight: Large space


It offers the largest indoor water park in the world (65,961 square meters), and its indoor pool can accommodate 6,000 visitors at a time. As Europe’s largest tropical holiday world, Tropical Islands is more than a water park. It’s a fully functional resort, featuring a theme park, an artificial rainforest, a lagoon, a beach, steam baths, saunas and many shops and restaurants. One of its major attractions is the Tropical Islands Dome, a free-standing hall. It is large enough “to accommodate the Statue of Liberty standing up and the Eiffel Tower lying on its side”. There are also several water slides and other activities that people of all ages can enjoy.





Las Cascada Water Park

Las Cascada 水上乐园

Location: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico


Highlight: Beautiful scenery


Las Cascada is well-known for its incredible beauty. It is surrounded by tropical mountain forests and situated close to the ocean. Its attractions include the Crazy River pool, which simulates the nearby ocean waves. Visitors can let the water splash over them without worrying about the salt water stinging their faces.

Las Cascada因其美不胜收的景色而远近闻名。它被热带丛林环绕,坐落在大海之滨。其著名景点 “疯狂泳池”拥有和旁边大海一样的模拟海浪,游客可以享受水花四溅的感觉,而不必担心脸被咸咸的海水刺激到。

The water ride, El Rio Pasivo, carries riders through the whole water park. They can see the mountains and waterfalls around it.

而名为El Rio Pasivo的水滑梯则可以让游客环绕整个水上乐园,将乐园周围的山峦和瀑布尽收眼底。


Chimelong Water Park


Location: Guangzhou, China


Highlight: Advanced equipment


It is one of the largest water parks in Asia. With its advanced technology, it also debuts many new aquatic facilities in the industry. The Family Boomerango satisfies the needs of the whole family. Riders are shot up vertically before hanging weightless for a split second and then dropping down again backwards. They end their trip by gliding over a transition hump and landing in a splash-down pool. Another of the park’s rides offers a tube conveyor that transports riders up the 19-meter-tall tower. The park has implemented a special water treatment system that ensures safe PH levels and removes harmful germs.





Beijing Watercube Waterpark


Location: Beijing, China


Highlight: Unique interior design


Originally built as the National Aquatics Center for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, it was converted into a wet and wild fun zone after the games finished.


Its interior design is quite unique. Giant amoeba figures hang from the ceiling, jellyfish-shaped objects float around in the water, fish spin overhead, water tubes crisscross everywhere, and a water ride circumnavigates the scene. Add a rich blue and pastel color scheme, and you feel like you’re in the movie Avatar. The park offers 10 rides and other attractions.



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